Smart As...

2012 | Climax Studios | Game Designer


Smart As... is a Brain training game for the Playstation Vita. It is composed by 20 different games sorted in 4 categories: Arithmetic, Language, Observation and Logic.

My main tasks on the game was to design games as well as their levels/content. I was in charge of the score curve balancing for every difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard and expert) of the 20 games. Content and media integration as well as score curve balancing were done using Unreal's Kismet editor.

During the entire length of the project I kept the documentation up to date from concept to wiki and worked closely with programmers and artists to facilitate their understanding of design ideas.

  • Developer: Climax Studios
  • Technology: Unreal Engine 3
  • Platform: Playstation Vita
  • Genre: Brain training game
  • Official Website: Smart As...