2012 | Game Jam | Game Designer


Game made during the F*ck This Jam 2012. The theme of the Game Jam was to take a genre of game that the authors dislike and make it their own way. Project made by a team of 3 peoples where I worked as Game Designer.

MatchQuest is a mashup between Match-3 genre to which we added some old Japanese RPGs mechanics. The concept is quite simple. The player controls the Hero on the grid. He has to move him to swap tiles and create some chains. Sword and Shield chains add respectively ATK and DEF points. Hearts give life and coins give money. Swapping with enemies starts the fight. If three monsters of the same type are aligned, they will combine in a more powerful one. FreeSwap points can be earned or found in bushes. They allow the player to swap two tiles of his choice.


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