Interstellar Moai Ranger

2012 | Game Jam | Game Designer & Additional Artist


Game made during the Ludum Dare 23 Game Jam in 72 hours. The theme of the Game Jam was "tiny world". Project made by a team of 4 peoples where I worked as Game Designer and Additional Artist.

Interstellar Moai Ranger is a rail-shooting game in which you can control the rail and change the character direction. The game happens on a small planet where you have to free as much little girls as possible while eliminating alien robots. The Player controls the character on screen but can also make him change direction around the planet. Our main reference was obviously Space Harrier to which we added a new degree of liberty.

  • Genre: Rail-Free shooter
  • Technology: Unity 3D
  • Platforms: PC & Mac OSX


Play it

Playable Demo (PC & Mac OSX):