Imagine Town

2010 | Ubisoft | Assistant Game Designer


Imagine Town is a Web Browser F2P MMO game. The game is based on the Imagine video game series.

The game offers players to customize the look of their character, to pick a class among several possible like dancer, chef, gardener, etc. Players can navigate in an open world and discuss with others. Each class asks players to complete some challenges to gain fame and upgrade their skills.

As a Free-to-Play game, Imagine town uses a Micro-Payment system. I was responsible to create and prototype new features like mini-games or new interactive zones. I was also in charge of the design and implementation of new quests. I took part in the economy balancing, including items pricing and currency rewards.

Lastly I took part in the coordination of some focus-tests sessions.

  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Platform: Web Browser
  • Genre: MMO