2010 | School project | Game Designer, Level Designer & Kismet scripter


Individual school excersise using Unreal Engine 3 and its development kit. I worked alone on this exercise as Game Designer, Level Designer and Kismet scripter. The goal of the exercise was to create a simple First Person game made around 2 gameplay variables.


Windows playable Demo (XP, Vista and 7):


Checkers! is the result of a school exercise based on the Unreal Development Kit. The goal was to develop a short game with only two gameplay variables which must not be "classical" like FPS (aim and shoot).

In Checkers! you have to go through corridors. The difficulty is set by the fact that you can only walk on the ground cells (which represent a checker board) that are of the same color than the room. The color of the room is changing every x seconds depending of the level.